How To Import Contacts

Hera are Simple Steps on how to import your phone contacts to your MultiTexter Bulk SMS account. We also have stepson how to send bulk sms in Nigeria. You will need to transfer your numbers from Blackberry devices or Android or Gmail Accounts synchronized with your contacts.

 Step 1. If you have these Phone Numbers On Word Doc or Notepad: On your MultiTexter Compose SMS page, Click Insert Numbers  in your MultiTexter Phonebook section by the left.

Step 2. Then copy all the  numbers separated within commas and paste in Paste Numbers space. And you can simple upload Text file containing your numbers.

Step 3. If you have the phone numbers on excel sheet, you can select and copy the the column with the numbers.

Step 4. Paste these numbers on a Notepad or Word Doc. Then Highlight all, Copy and Paste on the Paste Number space on MultiTexter Insert Number page (  )

Step 5. After that, give the list a name and Click Insert Contacts.  Now you have those numbers in your Phonebook on Multitexter Bulk SMS.

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