How To Send Bulk SMS On Android Phone In Nigeria

Bulk sms users usually ask if it is possible to upload their phone contacts for bulk SMS? Who would want to start typing in numbers one-by-one… That will be so stressful and time-wasting.

Yes! You can upload your phone contacts with the MultiTexter App.

bulksms nigeria

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As much as that is possible, there are different methods you can use to achieve this.  Your phone browser can be used to send bulk sms by opening on the url address space.

The use of SMS Applications is the new rave of the business moment in this season.

This can ease you a whole lot of stress and backwardness. You don’t have to struggle with opening web pages or experience the usual setbacks you get on mobile browsers.

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Bulk SMS is an effective marketing medium, which is used big-time by upwardly mobile.

BulkSMS is been used by business owners, corporations, individuals, event managers, politicians, doctors and other professionals who need to convey important updates to their clients and customers.

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