Make This Valentine Special

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Ladies and Gentlemen! Valentine is almost here and everyone looks forward to it, single, married, young or old.

Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your love

in a special way to that one special person using SMS.

You want to make your husby or wifey (spouse) feel loved because celebrating your relationship, your engagement or marriage is very important to you.

Sample SMS: “It was not easy to admit how I am feeling. You have taught me love can do anything, and nobody will ever love me like you do. I love you.” Send SMS Now


bulk sms nigeria

A special way to express your love and prove that you would rather share February 14th with your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend is by Sending Love Text Messages.

You can schedule your messages for Valentine’s day on the best Bulk SMS site in Nigeria (You will need to register to enjoy this feature). It works like magic.

One of our esteemed users tried it after reading our blog on Text Your Way Into Love. The result was phenomenal.

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