Mobile Marketing: Send Bulk SMS in Nigeria

Why is mobile marketing so important to business owners, SMEs, Start-ups, companies, industries, and other corporations (which are customer-driven with no communication gaps)?

Salesforce reveals that top mobile teams are more likely to use direct links that lead users to download their apps. Just like the Multitexter App on Google playstore and Blackberry OS10. This is one reason mobile marketing via bulk sms works.

bulk sms in nigeria

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) said that the number of internet users on the country’s telecom networks increased to more than 93 million as at July 2015. (Vanguard Newspaper 12/09/2015)

Also, result-oriented companies will rather use SMS mobile marketing because it opens up and maximizes more opportunities as a result of the 110% growth via bulk SMS and 98% increase in the usage of mobile apps.

These eye-opening results are no-brainers, especially with the high penetration of smartphones and internet-enabled devices in Nigeria and Africa in large. Over 90 million mobile users in Nigeria are active and never let their phones out of their sights 24/7.

bulk sms in nigeria

Features of bulk sms in nigeria-

More reason why the affordable and efficiency of sending bulk sms in Nigeria has generated many and many bulk sms success stories.

Bulk messaging or Bulk SMS helps to deliver your customized messages instantly. You can recharge online with your debit card or bank deposit or ATM transfer. You can see more on recharge options for bulk sms.

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