Reach Millions Of Nigerians With Bulk SMS

“Imagine the possibility of reaching millions of Nigerians with ease using bulk text messages or bulk SMS.”

MultiTexter has to date ran millions of SMS campaigns for clients and users for over 4 years now, delivering bulk text messages for churches, shopping malls, companies, event planners, schools and restaurants to mention a few.

bulk sms nigeria

For Business purposes: An SMS can convey your promo or special discount details. You can include your web link, facebook page, online payment link and send your text message to any demography in Nigeria

“One key advantage of bulk SMS is that this service helps you to reach unlimited number of contacts at the same time with just a click.”

For Events Planners: With a short bulk SMS, you can intimate guests with date, location, the dress code for your upcoming events.

For Personal use: You can send romantic SMS to your hubby or special text messages to all your contacts for family meetings and the likes.

bulk sms app

Click Image To Install Bulk SMS App.

For Sales People: No matter what marketing medium you use: online especially, you will want your message stuck with your prospects. Bulk SMS will do that. Social media or Email won’t stick.

For Schools:  Bulk SMS gets more people informed about your school, your impeccable staff , your conducive learning environment, outstanding Teachers and your fees.

Other professionals of any sector can as well use bulk SMS.

“I did a bulk sms blast a month ago, I still get a few calls on  same unexpectedly”- a recent feedback

When you send an SMS on MultiTexter, it delivers straight into the recipients’ active phone. All you need do is register, recharge and you are good to go.

Stop wasting resources, use the right tools for your marketing strategy.

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