Reliable Bulk SMS In Nigeria

“Is your bulk sms website reliable?”

A new bulk SMS user inquired. Wanting to be sure if he will truly be credited when he pays into the bulk sms provider’s account. Of which, certain bulk sms websites ain’t efficient or reliable, it’s okay for bulk sms users to be skeptical.

Bulk SMS Providers in Nigeria are in hundreds if not thousands. Delivery rate, Units ratio, API availability, Mobile Application, Custom sender name and Reseller packages are major features you will be looking for in bulk sms website in Nigeria.

bulk sms nigeria

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Usually, some check for free sms units or free sms sites in Nigeria, to see delivery rate and if the sms gateway delivers to all GSM networks in Nigeria or any telecoms network. One of the ways to check reliability of any bulk sms provider in Nigeria is Availability for free trial units.

Another is Check Their Social Media Accounts. Looking through facebook or twitter or Google plus to check for reviews of present users. You can also check for bulk sms download, and look through the app store reviews.

bulk sms nigeria

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The Success stories of bulk sms in Nigeria by users are clarity on doubts on the reliability of the bulk sms sites in Nigeria. Testimonials of business users, event users or event recruitment organisers or feedbacks from couples who sent out their wedding invitations through bulk sms are simple pointers. We usually ask our esteemed customers to share their stories and experience with us.

Bulk sms registrations can be done by clicking bulk sms signup. If you need any assistance, kindly call 01-4539791 or mail [email protected]


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