Are you tired of spending too much on promoting or advertising your products and services? Then you should take advantage of our working GSM database categorised by State, Local Government Area, Sex to send a bulk SMS to the desired volume of contacts.

bulk sms nigeria

After you have signed up for bulk sms, then you can get the numbers by recharging your account. 1 unit gets you 2 numbers and it is automatically added to your Phonebook.

You can get numbers with your units meaning 1 unit gets you 2 numbers from any category of your choice. Click here to see how it works.

You can only buy the numbers based on State, Local Government Area and Sex with your units. 1 unit gets you 2 numbers.

For instance, 500 units = 1,000 numbers. After selecting and buying, the numbers will be added to your Multitexter Phonebook in 30 minutes. Note that we have only Airtel numbers for now.

You will need another 1,000 units to send sms to the 1,000 numbers. (1 unit = 1 SMS page to 1 GSM number)

Login into your bulk sms account, buy bulk sms units and buy numbers or get gsm database in Nigeria.

If you need any assistance, you can call the numbers below or reach us via [email protected] or on facebook and twitter to get more updates.

bulk sms nigeria

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