“Why am I getting rUPDATE on my phone instead of the Sender NAme I used?”

The change of sender name on your bulk SMS to rUPDATE on your MTN number is as a result of the DND (Do Not Disturb) service imposed on your MTN number either by the networks or self.

DND was initiated by MTN operators, especially on MTN numbers that are DND active, while non-DND active MTN numbers and other networks (Airtel, Etisalat and GLO) will receive your Sender Name. delivers to all DND numbers as we override Do Not Disturb on MTN numbers, so all your SMS delivers to all MTN numbers.

But then we suggest a solution so your recipients will recognize the Sender immediately they receive your SMS even when they get “rUPDATE”.

“We advise you start your MESSAGE content with your Sender Name so your recipients will quickly recognize the Sender on opening the SMS.”

See the image below:

Bulk SMS App


For instance, after filling in your Sender name as MULTITEXTER, start the content with MULTITEXTER: *Your message*. This will still achieve the purpose of customized bulk SMS.

You can buy bulk SMS after you opened a bulk SMS by clicking here.

Again, MTN numbers that are not DND active and other networks DO NOT get rUPDATE. Only DND active MTN numbers. You can call MTN call centre or deactivate DND on your MTN number, click here.

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