Send Bulk SMS Anytime To Anyone, Anywhere (No Expiry Date)

One major concern bulk sms users usually have is the delivery of bulk sms and the expiry date on their bulk sms units.

Irrespective of any GSM network you want to send your bulk sms to, on all bulk text messages get delivered instantly.

SMS expiry is the practice by several SMS Companies where the units you buy expires if you do not use them for a particular period. On Multitexter Bulk SMS website, the units don’t expire or let’s say the SMS units doesn’t expire.

You Can Download MultiTexter SMS App by Clicking MultiTexter SMS App on Playstore and MultiTexter SMS App on Blackberry OS 10 

So, how does this bulk sms works?

You open a free account online to send your bulk text messages to any GSM network in Nigeria. Then you recharge or buy the bulk sms units with your debit card or bank’s mobile application or bank deposit.

bulk sms nigeria


After getting the alert on your mobile via SMS that you have been credited, you can now compose that message you want to send out. Remember to include to fill in the Sender Name and Recipients’ numbers.

Your messages deliver instantly and you can check delivery reports. For more assistance, you can reach us via mail or 081-8578-4118

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