SMS Marketing 101

The professional use of SMS can give wonderful and glaring results. Bulk SMS has several benefits, which give exact, great results, driving good sales and increasing customers. The old marketing medium- Email, isn’t as relevant or as promising as before, due to emerging new solutions in business.

It takes longer to get the recipient’s attention; it doesn’t with SMS. Email has too many barriers or lengthy process; SMS doesn’t. Not all customers use email frequently; Every single person in business sure sends and receives text messages / SMS.

A common challenge could be that you don’t know how to send bulk sms or how to go about it, or how to choose the best bulk SMS provider in Nigeria to use. Well, let’s talk about how SMS marketing works?

bulk sms nigeria

Common fact accepted by business authorities.

Helen Gold suggests that Multitexter is the best use for bulk sms.

As a business owner or manager or CEO of an organization, you get all customers phone numbers in two ways: get them to register their contacts on your website or at the point of enquiries or you use the common “send a key word to a code (usually five or six figure used for sms marketing). You can also get their phone numbers when they subscribe for promos or particular products or service displayed on print media or digital media. This way, you have a good database of your customers. Irrespective of the GSM or telecoms network of these numbers.

You Can Download MultiTexter SMS App by Clicking MultiTexter SMS App on Playstore and MultiTexter SMS App on Blackberry OS 10 

These phone contacts can be in an excel sheet form or word doc or notepad, whichever case is good for import. Next is to register for sms and get started with the sms gateway. Just like a mobile sms. Login with your email and password and compose a creative sms.

bulk sms nigeria

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We usually suggest you don’t start with your standard ad lines; Instead send out a promo or discount on  your products or service, with a dateline. Make sure your office phone line or email is inclusive. Be creative and simple. Attention wanes when text gets too voluminous. Compose what your customers will like and opt for. Immediately your sms is sent, your office line will start ringing big-time (make sure you have a standby customer care personnel and that phone is fully charged (chuckles).

This is how SMS marketing does; Bulk SMS drives sales for your business. Ensure you give your customers what you promised as words of referrers go a long way to drive more customers to your business. So what are you waiting for? Get started right away by clicking bulk sms in Nigeria. You need assistance, call 01-4539791 or 2348185784118.





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