“If you think football is just a game, you are termed naive.”- That is just one aspect of Sport, with billions of dollars involved. As fans or athletes, depending on our passion, we would like to get instant information on our favorite clubs and games. This is what Bulk SMS in Nigeria will do for you.

Wondering how a sports person or coach or a team can use Bulk SMS to its benefit? Here are a few:

  • Update players or athletes on upcoming schedules
  • Update fans on games highlights, scores and player achievements
  • General league news delivered directly to the user
  • Ticket purchase confirmations
  • Promos for Fans and News

Anywhere around Lagos, Abuja, Port-harcourt or major cities in Nigeria, you can bring the fans closer to the game by creating immediate and instant access in unbelievable and unusual ways!

MultiTexter provides the best working services to help your business grow via bulkSMS.

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