Buy Numbers On The Best Bulk SMS Site In Nigeria

We have had several requests from Bulk SMS users on how to send bulk sms in Nigeria and on how to purchase numbers. This is not random numbers, but numbers based on gender, specific locations like Local Government Areas in certain States in Nigeria.

This is now available on your most reliable bulk sms gateway provider in Nigeria. Prospective users of Bulk SMS in Nigeria, can now BUY SMS and NUMBERS on at very affordable prices.

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Download & Install Multitexter App On Playstore

This is how it works: You need to recharge for units to buy Numbers based on State, Local Government Area and Sex. For instance, you can only buy 1000 numbers with 500 units in your MultiTexter Account. To make payments or recharge Click How To Buy SMS Pack.

If you are not yet an active user of MultiTexter, kindly click sign up for bulk sms to join for free. To get more info on how to send bulk sms in Nigeria, mail [email protected] or call 01-4539791.

To Download MultiTexter SMS App Click MultiTexter SMS App on Playstore and Click MultiTexter SMS App on Blackberry OS 10 


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