Christmas is around the corner. The scent of harmattan is creeping into the atmosphere. Loads of fun, free times, hang-outs, family time, vacations and the likes will be the order of the day from Christmas eve. Don’t be left out on the Christmas fun, have memorable christmas moments.

You can send out beautiful Christmas text messages, prayers, wishes or party invites to friends, family this lovely season. There is no limit to our coverage, meaning you can send your messages to any family relative or friend across the world. Bulk SMS sent on works 24/7 to all GSM networks and CDMA networks.

bulk sms nigeria provider

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As an individual or a company, you can send goodwill, Christmas and new year messages to customers, clients, staff members, associates, neighbours and so on. To register for bulk sms in Nigeria, you need an active email and phone number. It’s simple, fast and reliable.

You can recharge the account by paying online with your Debit card (ATM). Click Buy Bulk SMS Online in NIgeria to recharge.

We have an Application on Google Playstore. The Multitexter Bulk SMS App enables you to send directly to your phone contacts. Click Multitexter App to download on Google playstore.


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