How To Increase Sales or Profits At The End Of Year

The end-of-the-year season is here already. Great discounts, typical of black friday and Christmas promos. Your stocks are still yet to be sold, customers ain’t coming to you or your business online and you don’t know how to go out it this season.


You will need to develop or create an attractive promo for your business. If you are into sales or providing services, you can give discounts or get-one-free kind of promo. Bottomline is customers must purchase your product or service to enjoy the promo.

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Email marketing or social media marketing can be of help here. But the cheapest is the use of bulk sms. Leverage on Bulk SMS in Nigeria to get your promos out there this season. When new customers buy or pay for your service, ensure you get their contacts. Sending bulk sms to your customers on promos, updates is the fastest and easiest way to get their attention, thus resulting to increased sales.

You can start out on sending bulk sms by clicking register for bulk sms in Nigeria. Afterwards you can recharge with units by following the steps on how to send bulk sms.

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There are several businesses and companies offering your services or products, thus the competition. And the only way to be patronized is to be on people’s face every time. This is where the use of social media networks will fly. Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are popular social networks you can explore, based on the kind of target you want to reach, the kind of contents, and service you are providing.

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Follow these simple advice and you will experience good sales boost. You can share your thoughts, comment with us on here or on facebook.

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