5 Reasons Your Bulk SMS May Not Be Delivering?

Why is my bulk sms not going or delivering?

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There are several reasons for your bulk SMS not getting sent or not delivering. You need to answer these questions first.

  1. Are you using a reliable and fast bulk SMS platform?
  2. Have you recharged with SMS units? Buy HERE.
  3. Did you include your phone contact with the RECIPIENTS to monitor delivery? You can use the Bulk SMS App. Also confirm if your number isn’t DND active by sending STATUS to 2442 on your number, then send HELP to 2442 to deactivate DND.
  4. Did you fill the SENDER NAME, the RECIPIENTS BOX and the MESSAGE BOX?
  5. Do you have enough bulk sms units? There is a feedback or Response you will get when you click SEND. Take note. Also, read the words to avoid that can cause un-delivery of bulk sms.
bulksms nigeria

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