On the 1st of July 2016, Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) enforced Do Not Disturb (DND) on GSM networks, probably as an answer to complaints of GSM users on the enormous spam messages or unwanted calls they receive often.

For some days now, MTN networks have been having bulk sms delivery issues as a result of this Do-Not-Disturb enforced by NCC. Though the issue has been resolved as at 7th of July, 2016.

bulk sms in nigeria for christmas

The DND service by GSM operators shuns certain notifications when your line is inactive or off. But you wouldn’t want to silence important calls or SMS that you have been waiting for. You can opt out of the DND service, activate fully or partially. The DND Service is totally FREE.

To check your STATUS on the DND service, simply SMS or text STATUS to 2442

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To Deactivate DND, text ALLOW to 2442, to Activate the DND service, text STOP to 2442

Simply text HELP to the short code 2442 to find out more and text the Numbers below to activate particular options. See the following:

STOP: To stop all SMS and IVR messages
ALLOW: To receive all SMS and IVR messages(Bulk SMS, Value Added Services, Promos)
SMS 1: To receive Banking / Insurance/ Financial Products SMS
SMS 2: To receive Real Estate SMS and IVR messages
SMS 3: To receive Education SMS and IVR messages
SMS 4: To receive Health SMS and IVR messages
SMS 5: To receive Consumer goods & Automobiles SMS and IVR messages
SMS6: To receive Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT SMS and IVR messages
SMS 7: To receive Tourism & Leisure SMS and IVR messages
SMS 8: To receive Sport SMS and IVR messages
SMS 9: To receive Religion SMS and IVR messages
STATUS: To check your DND status

If the right steps are taken, your bulk sms will get delivered to your number and all other GSM networks, especially MTN networks.

You can sign up for bulk sms in Nigeria and recharge your account to send your promos, updates, meeting info and the likes.

If you want to continue to receive bulk sms, simply text STOP to 2442, then afterwards text ALLOW to 2442 from your MTN number.

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