CQSMS: What Sender Name Is This?

There has been a restriction on SENDER IDs or SENDER NAMES especially on DND- Do Not Disturb service from MTN Nigeria. Due to this new development, your SMS will be received with sender name: CQSMS or NOTIFY. This is an Antifraud measure.

Register for bulk SMS here and recharge for bulk SMS online or with mobile transfer.

“Please be advised that effective 23:00 HRS on 12/05/2017, MTN NIGERIA will be implementing full blocking of Sender IDs (Source Address/Alphanumeric IDs to identify your SMS) that have not been whitelisted/registered on their platform.”

bulk sms nigeria

We ONLY require that you submit your regular SENDER NAME to us via mail ([email protected]) so we can register your customized bulk SMS name. This will continue to appear as the Sender instead of NOTIFY or CQSMS.

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