NOTIFY: Why Am I Getting This Sender ID?

If you noticed that your Sender Name changes to NOTIFY on recipient’s phones, be informed that, this is an antifraud measure from MTN networks and to ensure SMS delivery. The DND- Do Not Disturb service from MTN Nigeria requires that SENDER IDs and SENDER NAMES get registered.

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” MTN NIGERIA will be implementing full blocking of Sender IDs (Source Address/Alphanumeric IDs to identify your SMS) that have not been whitelisted/registered on their platform.”

The solution, therefore: you will need to send us through email ([email protected]) your SENDER NAMES, which you use regularly. So we can send to MTN Nigeria for registration.

bulk sms nigeria

We would forward this to the GSM networks so your bulk SMS get delivered in your custom Sender Names.

Note that you can still DO NOT DISTURB on all GSM networks. Click deactivate DND for details.

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