9 Steps To Notify People With SMS About Your Wedding.

  1. To get started sign up for Bulk SMS on our platform.
  2. Sort out the numbers of those that you want to attend your wedding.
  3. Recharge your account by buying units, using any of the payment options, Mobile Transfer or Cash deposits to

    Account Name: LORDANDI SOLUTIONSCORP;   Diamond Bank 0057723432;  Zenith Bank 1013623868;   Guaranty Trust Bank 0050933658;  First Bank 2025330474

  4. Use your email address as the depositor’s name while paying at the bank, also use your email address as the remark or narrative if you are doing a mobile transfer.
  5. Compose an SMS that includes details of the wedding like the location, phone number and the time.
  6. Click on Send SMS  on the website, type your composed message in the message box. Also add the numbers of the recipients in the recipient box separated with a comma.
  7.  Fill in any name of your choice as sender name and type the recipients’ numbers in the recipient box. Please submit the sender name you intend to use to [email protected] so it can be registered. Note that the sender name must not be more than 11 characters.
  8.  Include your own number amongst the recipient’s numbers to monitor delivery.
  9. Click SEND.


“We invite you to our wedding as we take the next big step of relationship and commit ourselves to a marvellous wedding. We would appreciate your presence and blessings wholeheartedly. RSVP 080-1234-5678”

Compose your wedding invites with the samples. Fill in your customized Sender Name (BrideGroom), add the numbers and Send!


The families of (Bride’s family) & (Groom’s family) request the honour of your presence to witness the sacrament of Holy Matrimony untiring their children (Brides name) & (Groom’s name).

RSVP 080-1234-5678

If you haven’t registered, Click sign up to get a bulk sms account.

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