Bulk SMS Nigeria: Avoid Words like PROMO(TIONS), WOW, PRIZE, CONGRAT(ULATION) And Numbers As Sender Name

Please always ensure you don’t include certain words in your bulk sms or text messages.

Please note that Sender Names containing “Numbers” or Words like “Promo”, “Congrat”, “Y’ello”, “Brand/Bank /Politician Name” or Message containing words like “Code” may not be deliverable MTN (Use PIN).

Avoid these words; Twitter, Facebook, Google, Code, Verification, Yahoo, when sending bulk sms especially for MTN recipients. Instead you can break the words like this: Ya hoo, Face book.

We also suggest you can send a sample SMS to your number to confirm delivery before sending en masse to your contacts.

DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE NUMBER AS SENDER NAME or SENDER NAMES starting with A NUMBER. It could affect delivery. SENDER NAMES should be LETTERS or WORDS only.

The use of Politician names, Brand Names, Banks or Government bodies or organizations are also prohibited as Sender Names. This is regarded as impersonation, so GSM networks are eligible to block such bulk sms with these names.

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