Why WhatsApp Cannot Replace Bulk SMS

bulk sms nigeria

Why we believe WhatsApp or any other messaging app cannot replace bulk SMS anytime soon.

  • Nigeria has a lower internet penetration compared to non-internet users or mobile phones.


  • About 97 million are internet users, very low compared to mobile users which are above 150 million. This means the number of people who receive SMS or text messages is still far more than WhatsApp users.


  • The prices of feature phones (not the smartphone) and smartphones are far apart. This is why more people still use feature phones than internet-connected phones or smartphones.

No wonder bank transfers are done more often with the USSD transfer codes than the bank mobile apps. bulk sms nigeria

  • To receive SMS or text, you don’t need any special skill or special phone. Just own a mobile phone that is as low as N5,000.


  • Not all WhatsApp get your message instantly, either because they are offline, poor internet or several chats have occurred (in a WhatsApp group). But a text message or bulk SMS gets to your contacts immediately as long as the phone is on.

“You can get easy steps on how to send bulk SMS in Nigeria and recharge anytime to get your SMS units. Then you can send your bulk SMS.”

Until the cost of internet and the price of smartphones drops, SMS is still king!



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