How do I add or insert numbers when sending my bulk SMS?

On, after you have opened a bulk SMS account and you have recharged for units certain steps should be taken to ensure you send your bulk SMS that delivers.

On our bulk sms mobile app, you can select your phone contacts to send your bulk SMS to. But let’s show how to properly insert or add numbers on the bulk sms mobile website and bulk sms mobile app

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Insert Numbers On MultiTexter Mobile Website


INSERT YOUR NUMBERS either in 234803 or 0803 formats. And SEPARATE the numbers with comma only. Like this; 23480312345678,23480312345678 or 08185784118,08185784118.

We advise you use the same format for the number, especially on our bulk sms website This is will help sort out duplicate numbers (when you copy and paste large numbers).

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You can send bulk SMS directly to your phone contacts with our MultiTexter Mobile App. Simply click the icon on the Recipients box. See screenshot below.

bulk sms app

Then Click the Phone Contacts to select the numbers from your Android phone contacts.


bulk sms nigeria


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