Customers Prefer SMS For Important Updates And Promos In Nigeria

Fifty percent of social media users who surf the internet frequently (from their smartphones) prefer to receive updates through bulk sms in Nigeria. They don’t want to download a app or go online before getting important updates or promos on their phones.

Infact, what people are tired of is irrelevant promo sms from GSM networks providers. If they were helpful the complaints on spam messages won’t be the case.

With the invention of DND, subscribers can now control or personalize the important bulk sms, promo sms they want. All of these, indicate that bulk sms is still king in marketing your products and services to prospective customers.

bulk sms nigeria


Bulk SMS is fast, instant, easy to use and cost effective and your recipients don’t need to be online to receive your bulk sms irrespective of any bulk sms pack you buy.

Certain brands, companies, small medium enterprises plus businesses are using the bulk sms website application and the mobile app to send important promos or updates that would benefit their customers.

To get started, sign up and read more on how to send bulk sms in Nigeria and how to send bulk sms to targeted people.


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