How Bulk SMS in Nigeria Works

One of the most frequently asked questions in Nigeria about Bulk SMS in Nigeria is “How does it work?”

There is a huge gap between product manufacturers or value-adding service providers and prospective customers or clients. And its usually a communication gap. This is what Bulk SMS in Nigeria exists to solve: to enable Producers to send a promo message in an SMS format or text message to thousands of contacts at the same time. This SMS platform also helps Individuals to send SMS to family, friends, colleagues for their events or any other purpose.

MultiTexter Com

To get started register on MultiTexter SMS and then you can recharge online . Afterwards, you click on Compose SMS, fill in your content message and fill in your recipients’ contact numbers.

As individuals, you can, infact, download our app on Playstore and Blackberry OS10 Smartphones. Hence sending Bulk SMS in Nigeria directly to your contacts on your smartphone is made possible, easy and simple.

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