How To Build SMS Marketing Lists For Business

The use of Bulk SMS in Nigeria cannot be exhausted, as several bulk sms users don’t know how to creatively take advantage of this sms marketing tool.

Bulk SMS marketing or text messaging can engage your customers way better than the old email marketing. It’s easy to relate to, closer to mobile users and faster.

97% of global SMS messages are read within 5 seconds. The average response rate for SMS is 26%, as against 5% for email. (Mobile Data Association)

bulk sms nigeria

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Let’s talk about generating a good contact list of customers and the prospective ones


This is a jackpot move. It works always. Offer a discount. Place ads online or offline. And your phones will start ringing. Now you can start building your SMS marketing lists.

Remember to include limited stocks or an expiry date.


When you go for speaking engagements or special exhibitions, you can offer your participants or audience a discount on signing off or purchasing your products at the event.  Your marketing list is getting filled up with contacts.

“Send Bulk SMS from your Smartphone with Multitexter App on Google Playstore or Blackberry OS10.”


Are you into fashion products or services, sales, e-commerce or some sort of consultation, you can offer special rewards. Your customers  will love you more when they can enjoy a free session of consultation or enjoy free product based on their patronage. Your list is getting filled already,

These three ways must be open to your customers so they will expect periodic updates via SMS from your company.

You have not starting using the best tool on marketing, if you haven’t taken advantage SMS marketing.

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