How To Create Your Big Events Via Bulk SMS In Nigeria

Nigeria records several events happening everyday. This events range from weddings to meetings, rallies, conferences, birthday parties, church programmes etc. Therefore, no matter whatever event you are creating (and you want to record a good attendance and attract big funds through millionaires and billionaires), you need to make the event big and attractive by reaching out to your targeted crowd.


With the rate at which people are always busy and distracted always, you can be sure people have one thing with them -their smartphones. That reveals that people can easily forget word-of-mouth or Card invitations, unlike 96% of smartphone users who open and read their text messages nothing less than 15 times a day. And other statistical facts show that SMS or text messages is a sure medium to communicate with families, friends etc.

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One reliable and cheap way to inform and invite the crowd is to leverage on this best platform of Bulk SMS in Nigeria for your Events (Weddings, Sports, Launch / Fund-raising Dinners, Church meetings, Conventions etc). MultiTexter SMS provides the most convenient service for sending large volume of text messages or SMS. Its simple, fast and very reliable.

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