With about three years marketing different products, I have concluded that bulk sms is the most reliable means to market my products. In the midst of all other medium of marketing: social media, email and bulk sms, the last seems make more sense. Let me share my experience with you.


As a sales manager, I needed to get people to buy my products so I quickly went for email, since that was what I had heard was working in 2014. Unpleasantly, the first issue was that it took too long to make a customized mailer. And putting together all the information about the product and what it was all about. I was discouraged.

Finally, after hiring someone to help with the technicalities, I sent the mail. So I waited. Instead of getting real feedbacks, I was getting auto-response. Funny. After I realized the mail either dropped into junk folder or spam box.  Because I copied one of my email addresses, I found it in my junk. Who would ever see that?! At that point I just knew this is a waste of money and time.


Up to the next one- facebook ads (which didn’t connect with Instagram as at that time). Of course I got someone to help out too. Results? Likes started increasing like the naira exchange to a dollar with no real purchase in days. I was getting stupid irrelevant ads by other facebook users as comments. Well some feedback started coming in but conversion rate was low.

bulk sms on facebook

“Okay, I think I should try this bulk sms thing”, I finally told myself- I wasn’t too intrigued or positive about it because I didn’t hear much about it.

Here are some of my observations:


I signed up on one of the bulk sms gateway and did recharge online. I must say, it was pretty easy, the cost was not as high, like email and social media. I didn’t have to get any skilled person because it was really understandable.

One issue with is I tried out some sites- which had poor customer service, delay in crediting my bulk sms account, before I finally stumbled on a good one. Another good benefit is I can send bulk sms within seconds.


I realize I can send my bulk sms anytime of the day (especially between 9pm -10pm) as I found out with every 9 out of 10 people still sends and receives text messages. And most of my text messages were read in the first 5 minutes because I got some feedbacks immediately after 5 minutes.


After doing some research on sms marketing, I discovered offering discounts attracts my audience and they get to found out more. I did something like “buy two, get one free” or “refer someone get a discount”. You can’t beat the wonderful results and how fast feedbacks will come in. That leads me to building a bulk sms list.


With the discounts and referrals, I get more contacts to include to my customers list. I also tried out the GSM database I saw in the bulk sms platform where I could select the state and local government. The result was good, even though some calls I got came from out of the demograph I selected. Maybe people moved, I guessed.

bulk sms in nigeria

Another thing I do is whenever I attend seminars or meetings I ensure I make a contribution and find a way to chip in what I do- that way at least 2 to 5 people will approach me to make more enquiry. I get their contacts afterwards.


I just realized SMS is really the best means to reach people, no matter what you are selling. A friend of mine once used sms this last Christmas for sales on clothings, she added her Instagram link and phone number. A good number of people did reach her, checked her clothings and made purchases.

One other thing I could do with my bulk sms, apart from sending promo bulk sms is, I could send wedding invites for some of my friends getting married, I could send update or event details for trainings (which I did lots this 2016), which will be delivered, irrespective of the length, and it will appear on recipients’ phones instantly.


Lest I forget, the DND (Do Not Disturb) issue that blocks some numbers from receiving bulk sms was a serious setback for bulk sms users like me. But in matter of weeks I think, the provider I use, created a priority route that helps deliver to all DND numbers. Fantastic!!!

With my experience, which I believe wil help some of my folowers on facebook, linkedin and twitter, I would advise to go for bulk sms and with time you find your niche, especially in terms your audience and building a sms list


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