Use Bulk SMS For Wedding Invitations

The most important days of any man or woman are the birthdays and the wedding day. The wedding day seems to be the most important to a lot, as one is well conscious to enjoy every moment.

Weddings are always glamorous, special and beautiful occasions with several moments of joy and happiness. Most people look forward to the day they will tie the knot with their sweetheart. More reason why the celebrated couple invites family and friends and as many as possible to come share with them the happiness & joy of the day. The presence of all their guests goes a long way, helping to make the day memorable for the newly wedded couple.

The presence of all their guests goes a long way, helping to make the day memorable for the newly wedded couple. So, how you get them to grace the occasion is a very important decision you have to make.

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Usually, wedding cards are sent out to all guests to invite them for this special event. But some also use bulk sms to send out wedding invitations especially to those who cannot be reached at the expense of wedding cards. We will like to share some benefits of using bulk sms.

REACH MORE PEOPLE: As against wedding cards, bulk sms will help reach more people, as its potential to reach more people is limitless. The expected guests for the wedding will easily get the wedding invitation and details of the venue, where it will hold, on their mobile phones. Weddings cards is limited has you have to hand it to someone to hand to another, which can be misplaced in-between, hence, not getting to your far-away guests. Obviously, it is easier and more effective to send out wedding invitations via bulk sms than wedding cards.

CHEAPER & SAVES YOU TIME: The cost of printing wedding cards is higher than sending bulk SMS or messages. With the use of updated software for designs and printing tools and technology, you can bet wedding cards cannot get cheaper at the cost level. Also the time spent in designing and printing cannot be compared with sending an sms to volumes of phone contacts at the same time. The cost for sending bulk SMS on Multitexter, for instance, at most N1.90 per sms, printing one card invitation will definitely be more than that. More reasons why some have resorted to use bulk sms to invite guests to their wedding.


EASY ACCESS TO DETAILS: Since the details of the weddings- such as dress code or color, venue location and time are all on the mobile phone in SMS format, your guests won’t need to carry the wedding cards around or get stranded when it cannot be found. Here’s any reason some prefer the use of bulk sms, as it makes guests more confident and well assured of not missing out any detail of the wedding event.

If you are planning your wedding or you know someone who is, you can share some of these wonderful benefits of using bulk sms in Nigeria to them. Lots of people are using this great opportunity to save cost and time, we don’t want you to miss out on this.

bulk sms nigeria

You can get started on using bulk SMS to invite your guests for your wedding by signing up for bulk sms and buy bulk sms units with your debit card or bank payment. Kindly share your experience with us if you have used bulk sms for wedding invitations or any event via [email protected]

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