Why Bulk SMS Is Your Best Marketing Tool

Every market demands the most creative and effective tool to get customers loyal to your business. Here are powerful and working potentials of bulk sms marketing:

  • BULK SMS WILL REACH MORE PEOPLE: The rate at which every mobile user stare at the phone is a pointer on the massive and large number of individuals you can reach via bulk sms marketing. The phone is checked by its user over 105 times a day. This is understandable, since the mobile phone is the only closest and easy-to-carry-around possession of every 21st century, internet-complaint person on this planet. Now that you don’t need to check your pings, DMs, emails on the desktop, you can do all of that on your internet-enabled device, also called smartphone. You can assured to reach more people in your targeted audience instantly .

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  • BULK SMS IS CHEAP AND AFFORDABLE : Bulk SMS is way cheaper and easier to serve as a link or medium for marketing your business. Every business incur all kinds of expenses, therefore it will be smart to engage a less costing means of marketing for your business or project. Especially for small or large or big scale business, sms marketing will pay better then any other kind of marketing. Media marketing which includes hand fliers, billboards, posters or even hiring vendors to help distribute will cost far more than bulk sms.
  • BULK SMS DELIVERY IS FAST & INSTANT : Four minutes. That is the average time that it takes for an individual to open a text message they’ve received on their phone. This is compared to 48 hours for email messages. Bulk sms is fast and instant in its delivery. This fosters speedy communication to your customers and clients. This is the wonder of SMS marketing. Media or Email marketing cannot achieve this. As over ninety percent of SMS are read in four minutes compared to twenty two percent of Email, twenty nine of Tweets and twelve percent of Facebook posts.
  • BULK SMS HAS MORE RESPONSE RATE: Several surveys and stats have shown that people are likely to respond to a call to action through bulk sms than through any other marketing medium. This, also is logical, as the mobile phone is always with people. And if the sms is catchy, they respond instantly, especially when it meets their present needs. A clue: Freebies, giveaways or small gifts or discounts are attractive, thus will compel any prospective buy or customer to respond immediately. Deadlines to such discounts are advised.


  • BULK SMS MARKETING WILL GROW YOUR BUSINESS: No business will survive without the right marketing tool. As much as there are other marketing tools out there, bulk sms will increase your chances for business growth and constantly put you in the face of your customers.
  • BULK SMS CAN GAIN CUSTOMERS’ LOYALTY: One of the simplest ways to gain the heart of customers is to schedule bulk sms or goodwill messages on Multitexter bulk sms on their birthdays. Certain Companies, Banks, Businesses are familiar with the resulting effect of this idea. Every person who get such sms from your company feel special and honored. This builds up some form of obligation to continually trust you and stay loyal.
  • BULK SMS INCREASES BUSINESS EFFICIENCY: Whilst the use of bulk sms requires little time, especially for your marketing campaign, than other mediums of marketing. You can increase productivity when quality time is spent and shared on every aspects of your business.



Business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, and great start-ups have found the usefulness and validity of the above key points on how SMS marketing bulk sms can drive their businesses. Lots of clients on Multitexter equally use the bulk SMS gateway for their businesses and have great testimonials, reviews or success stories.

No matter the kind of small or large scale business you operate in, you can also register a free bulk SMS account and leverage on bulk sms to cause a rise in sales. You’ll get free SMS units to check the reliability and delivery rate of the service.


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