Bulk SMS Software In Nigeria

Softwares are termed to be programs and other operating information used by a computer. Simply put, software is a set of computerized instructions or set of data. Bulk SMS Software can be likened to a program or operating entity used to send sms or text messages to large volumes of contacts of different GSM networks or telecoms providers at the same time.

Just like we have graphics softwares, businesses afilliated softwares, blackberry softwares, mobile money softwares and so many more, same is the bulk sms software. SMS has been around for more than twenty-two years now, and won’t be left in the back seat in terms of technological developments.

The bulk sms software is a form of application, which can be download on your smartphones: Androids, Blackberry or on any browser. In case you are wondering what this bulk sms software can be used for, here is it.

As business owners, individuals or corporations, your marketing strategies have not been producing so much for you. The use of prints, adverts on posters, hand fliers and the likes seems to be a waste. You should try out using bulk sms nigeria gateway.

bulk sms nigeria

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Let’s share a few of all the benefits of using bulk sms software to buy and send bulk sms or the Multitexter SMS App in this case.

  • Bulk SMS Software is Easy, Reliable and Fast To Use
  • Bulk SMS Software has a wider and bigger outreach of people
  • Bulk SMS Software works best as your message gets to every mobile user
  • Bulk SMS Software can be recharged anywhere you are, with your Debit card.
  • Bulk SMs Software can be tested on sign up with the free bulk sms units.

Another question that may arise is how do I get the numbers to send my promo or service? You can read on how to buy numbers from specific areas from bulk sms nigeria.

Get started by clicking sign up for bulk sms and start using the bulk sms software on Multitexter.

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