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The short messaging service (sms) providers in Nigeria is a tool for several purposes: personal, business, informal, formal, weddings, birthdays, recruitment, meetings, scheduling messaes and so many other. Individuals who have opted to receive messages also get them via the bulk sms providers in Nigeria..

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One of the unique feature the bulk sms service providers in Nigeria is the use of custom sender name. when composing a message, you can fill your name or your company’s name taking into consideration the rule of sending bulk sms to mtn networks, It can be seen from the recipients’ mobile phone that your company sent the sms, instead of the official number.

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Another reliable feature is, there is no limit to the volume of phone numbers you can send your message to using the bulk sms provider in Nigeria. Bulk SMS actually means you can send customized messages to countless contacts of any GSM network or telecoms networks using the cheapest bulk sms provider.

Our service at Multitexter, is such that, you can also do business with us as a reseller. You can make money or profit by getting units from us at a low rate and resell these sms units to other businesses and organizations at a higher buy rate.

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If you’re an application developer or reseller, you may also get our HTTP XML SMS API to send SMS. You may call 01-45-39-791 or 0818-578-4118 or visit Our Blog for more helpful tips.

Why Should I Use Bulk SMS for personal or business purposes? #Multitexterbulksms

  • Bulk SMS is very popular
  • Bulk SMS is very fast with instant response
  • Bulk SMS is more targeted
  • Bulk SMS is easier in reaching more people
  • Bulk SMS is a brand catalyst
  • Bulk SMS is trust-building and affirms Customer’s loyalty

Nielson Ratings stated that women are more responsible for sending and receiving the largest amount of sms or text messages. Click Sign up to get started.

Get credited with additional bulk sms units online using any of the following methods:

  • Bank payment (Use your email as depositor’s name)
  • Online Payment on via here
  • Online or Mobile Bank Transfer
  • ATM Transfer. You can read more here.

Zenith Bank 101-3623-868
Guaranty Trust Bank 005-0933-658
First Bank 202-5330-474.
Diamond Bank 005-7723-432

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