Make More Money In 2015

Certainly, one of your goals for the new year is to make more money. More thousands, millions and billions of naira. I must emphasize that you cannot achieve that without reaching out to more people i.e your prospective customers, clients, networks and investors.


As a result, irrespective of whatever business you are involved in, you will need to get in touch with more people via our bulk sms platform in Nigeria, leveraging on our robust and comprehensive database. Its easy, reliable and very effective. You can, infact, download our app on Playstore and Blackberry OS10 Smartphones.


Peradventure you are not clear on what exactly bulk sms or bulk text messaging is all about, here’s a simple explanation. Bulk SMS or Bulk messaging means you can send one text message to multiple numbers at once. But you need to register on MultiTexter to be able to do that.

For further Assistance Send a mail to [email protected] or Call 01-4539-791 or 081-8578-4118. MultiTexter Bulk SMS helps you to send text messages(s) to multiple phone numbers (200 & above) at a very cheap and ridiculous price.

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