Sending Bulk SMS to MTN Nigeria

Bulk SMS services in Nigeria has imparted lots and lots of businesses and individuals. Its use cases range from weddings, recruitment exercises, meetings, personal use, church events, school events, Muslims’ gatherings, birthdays and to many other bulk sms use cases.

Bulk SMS in Nigeria has really provided good and effective services to telecoms, GSM network services or any telecoms provider from any part of the world. The advantages of this bulk sms service are many, just to mention a few.

But several bulk sms users have placed there complaint especially in delivery of messages to certain GSM networks. Reliability and good delivery service form bulk sms providers are key. As failure in sms delivery can annul or truncate the objective of the use of bulk sms in Nigeria. This delivery failure can be detected.

bulk sms in nigeria

First, ensure you fill all spaces when sending your bulk sms. On composing sms. fill the Sender Name, body message and recipients’ name correctly. Also, while sending bulk sms to GSM networks, especially MTN Nigeria networks, be careful with words like : Congrats, Promo, Prize, Wow, Promotions, Subscriptions and others will be communicated as soon as possible.

Let’s say you work with a known brand and you ant to send a customized sms with the brand’s name or you are recruiting for them. Please be aware. Popular BRAND names in SMS or as Sender will lead to SMS failure.

Bulk sms users are NOT ALLOWED TO SEND SMS WITH BRAND NAMES. Either as sender name or in the SMS as there is no guaranty of bulk sms delivery. Reason been that GSM networks have filtered or regarded such brand names as SPAM, because dubious individuals have used this idea to scam customers of such brands.

As much as it is a NO-NO, there is no better way to discourage or control deceitful or fake bulk sms users taking advantage of the platform. And anyone in the bulk sms business in Nigeria can testify to the harm and backwardness it is causing. Bulk sms users want genuine customers and customers are looking for genuine business owners with genuine products and services.

So note that if you use any of the aforementioned words intentionally or unintentionally, your sms will not be delivered. Especially to MTN Nigeria networks. As they have very tight and principled policies. They send out warning messages and sometimes they don’t. The other GSM networks might get your bulk sms, but not to MTN numbers. Please note.

bulk sms nigeria

You can buy sms online with your ATM card/Debit card.

We are constantly on our watch for future filtered words. We will definitely communicate this with our esteemed customers. Join here. Bulk SMS in Nigeria services must deliver as promised and bulk sms users should also be aware of some of these developments to ensure sms delivery.

You can sign up by clicking bulk sms and take advantage of the free units to test the platform.

There are provisions to integrate this bulk sms provider to your website by downloading the API doc. You can also send bulk sms directly to contacts on your phones through the bulk sms applications on playstore and also download on blackberry OS10.




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